Information of school

El Zahraa private language school is characterized by its geographical location in the center of Alexandria. It is a safe place from dangers where the school is located in the upscale area and most of the population of the upper class.

The school was established in 1990, which is clear to us that the school-age quarter of a century of tender and excellence in the field of education and graduating outstanding students in all activities and fields .Especially excellence for students in obtaining high levels at the country level in the academic certificates and also achieve levels and tournaments on the level republican in sports activity.

We find that the school began with the kindergarten stage and then the school has grown and opened a primary stage then the expansion to middle stage. Moreover, the school flourished with the secondary stage that evolved after that and established “The American Diploma.

It is worth mentioning that the school is one of the distinguished schools in Alexandria in quality to take accreditation and quality at the secondary level in 2010 and now is renewal to take them to the next five years.

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